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Privacy is an important consideration in all Vale-related development decisions. We've gone to great lengths to ensure that our software has the utmost respect for our users and their content.

Vale (CLI)#

The Vale command-line tool serves as the foundation (functionality-wise) for all of our software and services. It's free, open source, and permissively licensed.

Vale is distributed as a self-contained, standalone binary, and it works entirely offline: We have absolutely zero access to any content linted by Vale.

Vale Server#

Vale Server is graphical user interface (GUI), web-based dashboard, and HTTP server built on top of Vale.

It runs on localhost and uses a local vale executable to perform all of its linting, so it also inherits all of Vale's content-related privacy guarantees.

The only remote communication performed by Vale Server is a license key validation step done at start up. See its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information.

Vale Studio#

Vale Studio is a Heroku-hosted web application. All content submitted through the application is sent to a server to be processed by a remotely-hosted vale executable.

Submissions are limited to 500 characters and are not accessed, analyzed, or stored for any purpose.

The websites and are completely free of ads, analytics, tracking, and non-essential cookies.