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Sublime Text

The Vale Server client for Sublime Text 3 is open source. Please consult our known issues if you run into any problems.

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After you have Vale Server installed and running, you can install the Atom package through the built-in package manager:

  1. Bring up the Command Palette (Command-Shift-P on macOS and Ctrl-Shift-P on Linux/Windows).
  2. Select Package Control: Install Package and then select Vale when the list appears.


You can run one of the following commands via the Command Palette:

  1. Vale Server: Lint View: runs Vale Server on the active view.
  2. Vale Server: Edit Styles: shows a list of styles relevant to the active view.
  3. Vale Server: Open Dashboard: opens the Vale Server dashboard in your default browser.


This package exposes a number of configuration options. These include styling the in-text alerts, adding custom HTML/CSS for the pop-ups, and listing accepted syntaxes.

See the Default settings file (Preferences → Package Settings → Vale → Settings - Default) for more details.

See the GitHub repository for more information.