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Non-English Text

Vale Server's extensibility and flexibility isn't just limited to creating English rules—most of its features are largely language-agnostic, allowing for entire styles to be created in other languages.


A few of Vale's extension points were designed to specifically work for English and therefore can't be easily extended to other languages:

  • readability: This extension point relies on formulas that are specifically designed to work on English text.

  • capitalization: This extension point involves changing the case of headings to match English style guides.

  • sequence: This extension point depends on a natural language processing library that currently only supports English.

English by default#

The following extension points require that non-English rules specify nonword: true in order to disable the use of default word boundaries (\b):

  • existence

  • substitution

  • consistency

    For example,

    extends: existence
    message: 'Avoid using "%s"'
    nonword: true # <-- This is required
    level: suggestion
    - '根据'

The spelling extension point requires the user to provide their own Hunspell-compatible dictionary.

Other extension points#

occurrence, repetiton, and conditional should all work out-of-the-box with most languages.