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Vale Server is a cross-platform (Windows, macOS, and Linux) desktop application that helps enforce writing style guides. It's built on top of, and offers a high degree of compatibility with, the Vale command-line tool.

The application consists of two parts: a server (which manages Vale-related configuration details) and a client (which displays Vale's results).

The server is embedded in the application itself and runs locallyโ€”meaning that your content is never transmitted, stored, or otherwise inspected.

Clients are third-party applications that communicate with Vale Server through its API, allowing you to use your favorite tools with your server-managed configurations.

Client implementations are currently available for Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Text, Google Docs, and Chrome.


Heads up!

On macOS and Linux, you need to start Vale Server from the command line:

# macOS
$ open -a "Vale Server"
# Linux
$ ./Vale-Server-linux.AppImage

On macOS, do not start Vale Server from the Applications folder or the Taskbar.

Vale Server supports macOS 10.14+, Windows 10, and most Linux distributions.

Download Vale-Server-2.x.x-windows.exe (where 2.x.x will be the latest version) and follow the on-screen instructions:

A screenshot of Vale Server's InstallBuilder installer.

After installation, Vale Server will automatically launch in the background (http://localhost:7777 by default) and you will see its icon in your taskbar:

A screenshot of Vale Server's context menu.

Right-clicking this icon will open a menu that allows you to configure the server.