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An older (seemingly unmaintained) plugin for using Vale with IntelliJ-based IDEs is available at If you are interested in developing a new one, add your input to this issue.

In the meantime jillesvangurp offered a partial solution to getting Vale CLI to work with IntelliJ-based IDEs, ensure you have Vale CLI installed first.

Two ways to run Vale in IntelliJ:

  1. in preferences > tools > external tools add a configuration for vale.

Jilles used this as the command line arguments:

--config /{path_to_config}/.vale.ini --output line --sort --relative $FilePathRelativeToProjectRoot$

Set $ProjectFileDir$ as the working directory. Jilles recommends using the Awesome Console plugin to handle output filters.

  1. Execute Vale via a Gradle task. There is lots of room for improvement, but it works.
tasks.register("vale") {
doLast {
project.exec {
commandLine("vale", "--config", "/{path_to_config}/.vale.ini", "--output", "line", "--sort", "--relative", "{file}.md")

In both cases, Jilles used the Awesome Console plugin to turn the file names + line numbers from the output into clickable links. The only thing missing is for this to pick up the warnings and highlight them in the file.