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Vale is a command-line tool that brings code-like linting to prose. It's open-source, fast, and highly customizable.

A screenshot of Vale Server's VS Code extension.

Your style, our editor

Vale differs from most writing-related software in a significant way: it doesn't attempt to teach you how to write; it's a tool for writers. In other words, Vale focuses on allowing its users to create their own collections of rules (known as styles) rather providing its own advice.

Here are some examples of how Vale is being used by companies, organizations, and open-source projects around the world:

Blog posts & tutorials

Open-source configurations

gitlab-org/gitlab.vale.ini, StylesPath
linode/docs.vale.ini, StylesPath
Homebrew/brew.vale.ini, StylesPath
spotify/backstage.vale.ini, StylesPath
cockroachdb/docs.vale.ini, StylesPath
github/codeql.vale.ini, StylesPath
netlify/netlify-cms.vale.ini, StylesPath


Hi there! I'm @jdkato, the sole developer of Vale. If you'd like to help me dedicate more time to developing, documenting, and supporting Vale, feel free to donate through the Open Collective. Any donationbig, small, one-time, or recurringis greatly appreciated!