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Vale offers multiple options for installation, each of which best suits a particular use case. The quickest way to get started, though, is by using either Homebrew (macOS and Linux), Chocolatey (Windows), or Docker (any):

Heads up!

If you're using Vale with a markup format other than Markdown or HTML, you'll also need to install a parser.

$ brew install vale

You can also download and manually install an executable from the releases page.

Using Vale with a continuous integration (CI) service

If you want to use Vale with a CI service, we recommend that you use the official GitHub CLI tool to download the version of your choice from the releases page

$ gh release download --repo 'errata-ai/vale' -p 'vale_2.11.2_Linux_64-bit.tar.gz'
$ tar -xf 'vale_2.11.2_Linux_64-bit.tar.gz'
$ ./vale -v

This will ensure that your CI builds are consistent and allow you to update versions on an opt-in basis.